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Version complète : Bonjour de Canada! Visiting June 2 to 10
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Je m'appelle Peggy (Margaret si vous preferez, car c'est plus facile a prononcer!) Et je suit membre de la Badlands Garrison dans l'ouest du Canada.  Je parle francais, mais je suis un peu rouille apres ne pas l'avoir utilise les derniere 2 a 3 anees!

Je fais un voyage solo dans votre beau pays en mai et juin prochain.  Le premier semaine est un voyage des femmes, puis un semaine solo.Je prevois d'etre dans la vallee de Loire du 2-6 juin, puis a Paris pour le 7-10 juin. 

J'aimerais rencontrer si qu'elqu'un etait interesse a un moment donner au cours de cette semaine.
Bonjour Peggy !
Bienvenue sur le forum !
Tu vas venir visiter le vieux Continent !
Durant ta visite à Paris, avec d'autres membres de la région, on va s'organiser pour se rencontrer tous ensemble, petit restaurant, ou dans un bar pour pouvoir discuter se rencontrer et peut être même faire du trading de patch.
Bienvenue à toi Peggy !

Comme le dis Guillaume, si tu es partante on s'organisera un restaurant ou une rencontre dans un bar/pub !
Merci Guillaume et Thomas!  

J'aime beaucoup un rencontre a un petit restaurant or bar (je suis certaine que vous connaitre les meilleurs places!) en Paris.  Je reste a l'hotel Palm (Astotel) sure Rue de Maubeuge dans le 9, si ca vous aidez en choisir un location.  J'ai pas un numero Francais, mais je peut donner mon Facebook pour me contacter.
Bonjour à tous et une bonne année également !
Excellente idée d'organiser cela, je suis sur Paris donc au plaisir de participer également et de rencontrer des camarades Canadiens. J'espère que d'ici là, mon projet aura également avancé.
À bientôt ! Wink
I am about 5 weeks away from my visit!  I'd love to meet some of your garrison, and now that I have my plans figured out, I'm hoping that Thursday, June 8 would work for everyone.  I've kept the evening (7 pm onwards) free to meet for drinks or food!  

Does anyone have a suggestion on where might be a good location?
you are the pro Wink
Ok, so in my case I won't be able to join you since I'll be at work in Barcelona. But I'm happy to help plan this out. Meeting troopers from all around the World is one of the finest things in the legion, and it is always a pleasure to meet people here in Paris. 
So, going back to the topic, to meet for food and drink here in Paris, it will depend on what you want to do. I will speak with my colleagues and we'll figure something out (even if I can't be there when you are here, I'll be happy to help planing things up).
A few questions to help us narrow our decision:
-I guess coming from Canada, you would like to try some local or national food, right?
-Do you have any allergies or special regimes that we should be aware of?
-For drinks, do you have any preference (beer, soft, wine, etc)?

Also, an important thing, since you have your plans already in place, do you have any preferred part of Paris to meet Thursday 8? Normally we tend to meet in places where we can get easy access with public transport since a lot of us don't have a car. But if you have plans for the day, we can try to accommodate something so it fits all.
Let me know what you think and we'll start to plan things out  Wink
Merci Angel!

My french is a bit rusty so I appreciate your english very much!

I am staying in the 1er Arrondisement, a few blocks from the Louvre, and I am sure I can figure out the metro easily enough, so anywhere convenient to the metro is great.  

I would prefer local or national food, but far more important to me is not too touristic.  I much prefer eateries full of locals to tourist spots!  I have no serious food allergies, and I am happy to try any of the drink options.  I know there are also amazing ciders in France - beer, wine, is all fine!

My plans for that afternoon and evening are pretty relaxed -I am pretty sure I am planning to wander le Marais that afternoon.  But please don't feel restricted to that quarter.   i'm happy to jump on the metro!
No problem!
Ok, so we'll think something out.
And on the bridge side of things, my job trip to Barcelona has been canceled. So I'll be available to participate in the meeting.
We'll keep you updated.
I may also have the opportunity to be in Paris on that date. It would be an opportunity to meet a Canadian friend and a member of the FR Garrison for which I am applying! It could be a good opportunity to work on my English as well.
If you don't mind, I could join you Big Grin
See ya!

I am excited to fly out in a week.  I have packed what coins and patches I could fit into my luggage, and will bring them with me if anyone is interested in Badlands Garrison, or Outrider Base (Rebel Legion) merch.  

I look forward to meeting anyone who can make it out.
Nice to hear it ! For sure there will be members interested in doing some trade. We are still thinking about where to meet, but we should decide something for the next week. Seeing that you are also RL, we will try to pass the message to the RL members in the area (to see if they want to join us). I will keep you updated here, and we will try to have all set up before you leave.
oui! Tu peux nous rejoint et on peut parler de ton del Meeko  Wink
Yo Peggy
I might be able to join.
Give Us an update .
Let's trade and grad a drink ?
(17-05-2023, 19:00)Visas81 a écrit : [ -> ]Bonjour!  

I am excited to fly out in a week.  I have packed what coins and patches I could fit into my luggage, and will bring them with me if anyone is interested in Badlands Garrison, or Outrider Base (Rebel Legion) merch.  

I look forward to meeting anyone who can make it out.

Eh bien j'essaierai d'y être afin déjà d'en rencontrer certains d'entre vous et de passer un bon moment !
À bientôt, on se tient au courant !
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