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Hi everybody!

I had quick xmast shopping vacation on Paris this week and I decided to leave there something extraordinary. Something 501st French Garnison troops can only find... Big Grin

Trésor de la Légion 501st:
-go into Latin Quarter.
-rue des Ecoles

See the map:
[Image: tresor.jpg]

Stop into Boulangerie and walk thru Chimesque statue and the stairs behind it.
[Image: tresor1.jpg]

[Image: tresor5.jpg]

Up on stairs is some box, etc squashed into small corner. Take them away or look behind to find first 501st Nordic Garrison item on sealed plastic bag.

[Image: tresor4.jpg]

Now walk the stairs down and on rue Jean de Beauvais.
[Image: tresor2.jpg]

Try to find parking meter and near waterpipe of that house. Look plastic bag behind the pipe.
[Image: tresor3.jpg]

There are 2 very new Nordic Garrison patches and I hope you my french friends do find them on this Treasure Hunt! 8)
That's lot of fun ! Smile
Wootz, I'll have a look if I have the time Smile I'm on holidays on friday evening :lol:

Thank you Bro for your nice idea!
Why am I at the office ?!

Great idea Bro !
Thanks for feedback. I did hide those on lundi-mardi night. Hoping nobody did see.

Got nasty flue with my Paris visit this time. Still it was fun to do this Hunt Game!

EDIT: If anyone got these or one of these as they are similar, PLEASE post over here that nobody won't make unnecassary visit.

You should have told that you were in Paris, so we could have met to drink a beer Smile
The one in rue Jean de Beauvais was found by my girlfriend ! :twisted:

I let the second one for the others Wink

Good luck my friends ! :roll:
next time come to Monaco, i'll open my house to you... :wink:
Je suis passé vers 16h20

J'ai rien trouvé !!! Cry

tant pis :wink:
fx-wan kenobi a écrit :Je suis passé vers 16h20

J'ai rien trouvé !!! Cry

tant pis :wink:
Too bad you haven't posted before... I showed up there at 6:00pm and as yourself, there was nothing.
une image ?
Il fait 10cm de diamètre :
[Image: NordicGarrison.jpg]

Faut espérer que c'est un membre qui a eu le 2e Wink
I hope it's a 501st member who found the second one Wink
Merci Steve Smile

4', woven style Kai ? (like latest Italica & In Memoriam)
kilroyFR a écrit :Merci Steve Smile

4', woven style Kai ? (like latest Italica & In Memoriam)

Good question Smile
It's not like the one we made for the FG, it's all I can say as I never seen the others :roll:
The one on stairs was better hided. Pushed deep back of carton boxes on corner. If the boxes were gone, then the patch also. Otherwise it should be there. Small transparent plastic bag, 501st white sticker on it and patch inside. 8)

Yes, this version is woven. Like memoriam patch from Nordic Garrison.
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