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morning guys hope every one is ok?

my name is liam sessions i am tie pilot TI60287 from the 501st UK GARRISON i am over at disneyland paris in a few weeks from the 11th feb till the 15th feb if any members are there around the same time i would love to meet up for a drink or somthing to eat and say hello.
Hi Liam

Welcome here !

Hope you'll have troopers available to meet you at Disneyland

Hi Liam!
What a shame :oops:
I will be at Disneyland exactly one week after you (on the 23rd) Cry Cry Cry
But well, I hope you will enjoy the Legends of the Force special events there. The closing ceremony at Disney studios, it is totally worth it.
And I hope you would get a chance to have a picture with the boss himself, Lord Vader.
Have a nice stay in Disneyland, and enjoy it at the fullest! As imperials usually do...
[Image: giphy.gif]
Angel Felix post_id=230680 time=1548936399 user_id=6499 a écrit :The closing ceremony at Disney studios, it is totally worth it.

I say YES ! Tongue
And don't forget to meet Chewbacca! Rebel sure, but really amazing!
Hi Liam !
I will see what we can do with the troopers in the area. :wink:
yea its ace i went to season of the force 2017 missed you guys there at season of the force 2018 as i couldnt get the time off work so happy to be back there in 8days Smile