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Version complète : Visiting Paris from Vancouver March 2018
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Bonjour. Sadly that is the extent of my grasp of the French language.
My name is Jay. TK-73427. Member of the Outer Rim Garrison in British Columbia, Canada
As the posting reads, I will be in Paris for a week starting 12th of March. Was wondering if anyone was interested in exchanging a coin and a patch from your Garrison, for one of each from mine? We could meet for a beer, and if you speak English, have a conversation. Who knows, there may even be a Troop that week. Not that I'm bringing my kit, but would like to see your group in action.
Cheers Guys and Gals,
Jay (CoasterTK)
Hi Jay

I'm sure there will be troopers to meet you :wink:
Hi Jay,

We would be glad to welcome you in Paris, make some trade and swap trooping stories. Smile
Hello and welcome Smile
It will be a pleasure to meet you and chat as long as you wish ;-)
See you in March then !
Thanks everyone. Looking forward to meeting you in March. I will be in touch closer to my arrival and we can work out a meeting spot and time then.
One week until I arrive. I will be staying in the 15th district for 1 week then headed to Disneyland for 4 days. I will bring a few patches and coins for trading. I'll post up here when I'm in town and we can make arrangements for a couple beer.
Great news Jay, we should be able to get a beer on the 16th evening.
We let you know the rendez-vous point at a nice place. :wink:
Thanks to everybody that came out to the Bauby Bar. What a fantastic place!
I hope I can repay the hospitality one day, if anyone ever visits Vancouver.
Thanks again for making me feel so welcome.
It was a great pleasure to share some beers with you !
And a huge thank you for the coin, it's awesome !

[Image: 1521319867-sans-titre-1.jpg]
J'ai organisé l'évent en passant par FB XD.
Faut que je me souvienne de certains désolé. :oops:
C'est pas grave. ^^

There'll be another time.
Pour notre ami Texan le mois prochain.