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I've already introduced myself in the right place, and have a build thread running where I am showing how bad my French is compared to the French garrison's english.

I just wanted to put this where more people can see it, and say if there are any english speakers out there (native or otherwise!) please let me know Smile

Although I want to troop here in France where I live, it's going to be tough as my spoken French is poor and I can't currently follow conversations well!
Hello mate! Smile

No worries as several of us out here are quite used to English :wink:

Though I am not in the area of Toulouse (I am in Orleans, center of France), I have good friends there, and I hope to see you and have troopings with you and them again when I will head South for future events 8)

Welcome on board, hope you get all the info you need for your Biker Scout (I have one as well, tree dodgers rock!!! :mrgreen: )

Defender / Clément.
Hello and welcome (it's never too late to welcome someone, isn't it ? ^^ )

I'm French, but my father is Irish, so Im quite fluent in english too ;-)

I'm near Paris, so it will be difficult to see each other, but I'm confident we'll end up meeting all together one day for trooping ;-)

Take heart, I'm sure everyone will be nice and patient, and you won't event realize you're improving your french just as you speak, spending time with crazy french people in the 501st ^^

May the Force be with You, always Smile
G'day mate !

I'm french aswell, but i lived one year in irlande and another one in new zealand, so i got to understand the hardest accent ^^

Anyway I live not so far from toulouse, in the basque country, wich is around 3 hours from you. But i'm gonna move in Bordeaux in a few months, wich is 2 hours and a half.

So it would be possible that we meet, and if you're free this weekend, there's a convention in Oloron, it's aswell about 2 hours and a half from you !

Do you enjoy Toulouse so far ?

See ya around
Thanks for the welcome!

I didn't think we had one successful "tree dodge" at all Smile I want to add a sticker on the inside of my helmet "Does not protect wearer from high-speed impact with trees". Smile

I'm getting a lot of info from - the biggest challenge was finding the 'normal' things around Toulouse (e.g. materials) as I wasn't sure what to look for! Lucky I had a friend who was able to translate.

I've toured a lot of the south-west over the last three years by motorbike (a BMW GS called "Beaky") Basque country was beautiful, but it rains every time I head to that coast - must be the English influence Wink

Kit Fisto, I can't find anything on google for the convention - can you provide a website or something for more information? It's just down the road from me (anything within three hours = "just down the road" ...)
It's called " Armageddon " this weekend in Oloron, yeah 3 hours is allright i remember in new zealand 3 hours driving to go to a town from another was the average time ^^ between, it's only empty wild area :p
I might head down to see that. Are you there with the 501st?
I'm not part of the 501 st... YET.

And i don't know if they will be there, (You know how secret they could be ^^)

But i will be there, i don't know wich day. maybe both :p
kit fisto a écrit :And i don't know if they will be there, (You know how secret they could be ^^)

The French Garrison will be there.

The guy in charge is one of our Troopers :wink:
Citation :And i don't know if they will be there, (You know how secret they could be ^^)

I didn't know! Do they/you not advertise much before?
How do are events organised?
We have a dedicated section on this board, reserved to members, where all info regarding events is located. Non-members can't see it.

Some events are not to be told to the public (e.g the recent event in Paris), some are announced (mainly conventions where we are here as a club joining others and interacting with the public, unlike when just us are requested by an organizer like Disney or another big brand).

It's necesary to keep such events secret, to keep the surprise effective :wink:

But don't worry, you get to know about many events just by talking with each other, just like the Oloron event of this week end ^^
Thanks for the info. i'm hoping to ehad down to Oloron tomorrow, so will say 'bonjour' when I find the 501st.
Hey !!

I live in toulouse ! Smile There is a con in three weeks in Toulouse called the TGS !

You should come , the 501st and the Rebel legion will be here Smile
I didn't see you in oloron indy, maybe you did see me i am the guy on the right (obviously)

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