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Version complète : Bonjour, en provenance de Seattle Washington , États-Unis!
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Salut! Hope this finds you all well! My name is Katie, TB-7224 or "Fifetrooper" of Garrison Titan located in Washington State of the US. I am a traveling trooper that enjoys meeting up with the local garrison to say hello and to trade patches. This is my second time in Europe and will be my first time in France. I'm currently backpacking across parts of Europe with my brother and currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I will be arriving in Paris, France tomorrow (5th - 11th). I'd love to meet up with some of you ladies and gents for drinks or a meal, to say hello, trade patches/cards and learn more about France! I do have a handful of Garrison Titan patches fresh from a patch run I did for my garrison for those interested in meeting up! I also love trading cards, stickers and other merch if you don't have any patches.

I'm a biker scout from Seattle, WA. The USA Starbucks capital and I'm also part of the rebel legion and mandalorian mercs. I have studied French so I can speak the language but i am not fluent but I can slowly follow along and understand. I am hoping this trip will help me get better! Anyone interested in sparing their time to say hello, do let me know as I'd love to meet up! Mercì
Hello am welcome on the french forum.
hello, it is always a pleasure to meet new friends.
but as i'm not on Paris i'll not have the chance.

have a nice trip
best from Monaco Monte Carlo
Hello Katie,

I may be available at evening for a drink or a dinner in Paris. Don't hesitate to contact me.

I don't know if other troopers can attend.