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Version complète : Blaster E-11 (from SR Props) Term ordering 20 days
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Available term for ordering to French Garrison: 20 days (from 08 April to 27 include)

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Assembled parts:
[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Finished with gun metal spray version (only as example)
[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

Weathered version (only as example)
[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]

-Hollow parts include trigger box, Hengslter box, barrel & magazine.
Having enough hollow parts for virtually any number of electronic
setup from simple led action to advanced audio boards with enough
room to spread your wires...

-Featuring a removable magazine which is held in place using super
strong magnets you will be able to get some action going in events
instead of having a static prop in your hands...

-A see-through scope will add to the effect and you will also get a
selection of 4 reticules to chose from. I will throw in a custom
print of your ID Number for the Hengstler box should you decide to
use it there. I will also give you a 3" vinyl logo of the Empire in
vinyl to slap on your carry case or on your car along with a few
sets of your ID Number should you want to make yourself a display.

-This kit as been made for novice to experimented kit builder. The
novice will have fun assembling this kit made of plastic which is
easy to work using simple hand tools and Craze Glue. You won't
need a full fledge workshop to assemble and finish this kit. And
nothing you can do will ruin your project, provided you don't
melt it down of course.

-The experimented builder will find a kit that will permit implementing
electronic kits straight from the box with very little work needed to
achieve the perfect look either to accessories your armor or as a
weathered piece on display.

-Made from impact resistance plastic this is, as of yet, the sturdiest
kit ever offered. While trooping you'll have peace of mind. Here is
Most resin used to make props have this particularity while setting,
they set in layers or strats. I won't go into the physics of it but
commune resin to brake as many small pieces. But plastic, it's just
one big giant molecule. And this plastic can absorb quite some shock
before breaking. After doing a few drop tests most of the time parts
would unglue making reappearing easy and simple with no touch ups. With
a little bit of Krazy Glue you can easily repair your blaster and
keep on trooping. When plastic brakes it snaps in clean nice edges
making repairs almost invisible. A happy trooper is a fun trooper."

Keep on trooping!

One kit: 125$ US
Two kits: 240$ US (120$ US each)

For more than two kits in 1 order 120$ US each one.

Shipping cost: (see box below)

For questions and doubts, please contact to zZER0 TK4102

[Image: france.png]

Step One

Please send your payment to and make
sure to include in the comment box your ID number, Garrison and
how many kits you are ordering

I ship to Paypal address only unless specified to ship to a different
address. NO shipping to PO Box.


Step Two (important)

Please send an email to with the following
information in the subject box.

501 ID Number + forum name + French Garrison

This will help us keep track of your order and print your custom
ID number for your Hengslter box.

In the body of your email please indicate how many kits you want
and the email address we should expect your payment from.


I would like to thanks every one involved in this project and don't
forget that we would love to see your assembled kit so send us

The final version is set to be released in 2 years. This will be the
MK IV and we will try our best to implement your ideas and
recommendations... Send us an email if you have something you want to
see added or changed on the next version.


Stephane Pepin

Frekadly (1 blaster kit)
Skrii (1 blaster kit)
Hi mates, Smile

Sorry delay,


Tutorial isn't completed yet, left few details, (solution for trigger funtional, and more), at the moment is awesome to start assembly.... in several days it will be solved.
you will receive yours box asap!

(we didnt know that many blasters would be ordered from others garrisons at the same time. For us, first experience in all this, excuses to us by this unexpected disadvantage).

Thanks for your patient
nice job. If my vader didnt took all my buck I would be in.
Kit received.
Got to take a look on how to improve this and make it seem a little more "fonctional" :twisted: